Information Meeting on the Process of Dissolving The Village of Sinclairville

Wednesday,June 12, 2019

7:00 P.M.

Park United Methodist Church 49 Sinclair DR.

Speakers will be Kent Gardner from GCR in Rochester

Wade Beltramo NY Conference of Mayors

I am Sherman Sweeney. I live right here in the Village of Sinclairville. This is my Website, it does not have anything to do with the Government of Sinclairville.

This is an issue that will be good for the people in the Village of Sinclairville. For one thing, is Taxes: How many of you out there would like to have extra money to fix your house up, maybe a new paint job on the house or plants around your house, and take the wife out to eat and pay bills?

I feel when all gets set up we will be better, now into the Future

I have not ever liked the way the Village handles elections, appointing people in, then you vote for them. They do not post it in the Paper or let people know when the election is, I know because I asked around to the local people who lived in the Village.

The Day of the election, I found out down at the store, while visiting with regular locals having a meal. They said do not forget to vote, so I went up to Village building and voted. I was number 6, that’s sad. The ladies have been sitting there from Noon till I show up about 5:05 pm to make my vote. I was a little bit disappointed, I thought this was wrong. I know people have to work, but there are still a lot of them who are retired. The numbers should have been a lot more. This is why I would like to see the village dissolve.

They do not take the responsibility to inform the people and do not feel they are qualified to run the Village. They work for the people, not themselves. Also, I remember when the water was in progress the village board said that there is 900 population in a square 1mile and now I was told there are only 500 for the population. I guess someone probably counted Dogs And Cats.

I will add more to come

If you like to make a comment or opinion shoot me an Email at sherman369hostingdesign @gmail You have your name on your Comment I will not make it mine. Thank You Have a nice day

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